Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lemme tell you guys somethin'. School is alright. Studying? Not so much. Yeah...nope, not for me.
I have such a hard time disciplining myself for a responsibility that is entirely on my shoulders.
Lets just say, studying is not the only thing that I struggle with when it comes to obedience for my own good. The gracious God knows that I have a very hard time studying not only stupid science junk, but His word as well. Sometimes I just want to wind down and waste my time with watching an episode of Bachelor Pad or Teen Mom (the drama is so extreme in those shows, it's scary how it can hook ya).

But... come on. Am I really closer to God after watching people fighting about meaningless matters? Ahh but then I get into debate with myself even further.
"How does studying get me closer to God?' I ask. Welp. Here's the thing. Proverbs 31:10-31 outlines what a Godly woman behaves like. "In Praise of a Capable Wife" is what my Apologetics Bible captioned that section. This section talks about many things but the part that drew me to it was verse 13. "She selects wool and flax and works with willing hands." Being a woman doesn't mean cooking and cleaning. The woman described here is working. She does cook, which is essential to survival to a family.
...but she also has strong arms.
and is a woman who does some business for prophet (verse 16)
and she extends her hand to help everybody (verses 19 and 20)
She's also a crafty one! Makin' that bedding, clothing, and whatnot (verse 22).

Know what else this passage says? [and this one kind of hurts]
"She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle."
Whoa. Never idle? That's me when I'm watching junky stuff and not spending my time with any purpose.

The work I hate to do in school or at my minimum wage job is really a reward. Unfortunately,
Studying is the work of a Godly woman.

It's time to stop wasting time.
Me: Hey Time.
Time: Oh hey. What's up?
Me: Nothing. Just wanted to say THAT I'M DONE PLAYING WITH YOU.
Time: Dang. I better watch out for you.
Me: Yeah. You will definitely want to do JUST THAT.

....was that lame? Probably.
Anyways, I've got to remember that studying equates to me making God happy. And to make God happy?

Sounds good to me :)

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