Thursday, June 28, 2012

Finally Checking In on The Blewg

Life is changin'. It's crazy. Wait till you guys see us when we get home. Davy and I feel so new. We have the craziest stories to tell. I'll unleash them on the blog after a week or so of being home but you will probably not believe them. I've seen the most insane stuff unfold before my eyes. And I have had a big time growth spurt in my relationship with God. There is so much more to Him than I thought. Ahhh so much to say.

And the people here? Wow. People all over the world are here to have this intense discipleship training and they are the nicest people ever. Just the other morning, Davy and I were sitting outside and this young guy comes up to us and says, "good morning, you beautiful couple of God!" How nice is that!?

It's been pretty difficult though. The exercises we do can be really emotional and I find myself releasing heartbreaking truths about myself... I never realized how little I had faith in God and how much improvement I needed to make. However, i don't regret doing this program at all.

I can't thank God enough for sending us here. We've been hanging with some amazing Christians. Shaun and Jessica are like the best couple influence ever. I'm going to miss them like crazy.

I miss home tons and I can't wait to tell you about the new truths God has given me. If you want to see some pictures of our trip so far, follow me on instagram! My user name is "laurenwoohoo". Don't be shy to add me!


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