Saturday, June 16, 2012


Lots of stuff on my mind. We leave in a few hours for L.A. I'm really nervous.
I'm afraid my eardrums will pop.
I'm afraid I'll get lost in the airport.
I'm afraid of someone tricking me and stealing from me because I have no idea what I'm doing.
I'm afraid that my fear will make me have a breakdown and make Davy frazzled.

Basically I just need to get through the flight and I think I'll be good.
I can't wait to learn about God in a new way. I'm really hoping to take huge steps in my relationship with Him because sometimes its hard to grow and see new things in a relationship when you've been living in the same place, seeing the same things, and doing the same stuff everyday.

This is also true with Davy. This trip is an excellent opportunity to see each other in a different light. Even though we've been dating for so long, we don't spend time alone. Honestly, it's a way of coping with the physical restraint we have. We don't want to be tempted so we stick ourselves around family all the time. Which we absolutely love, may I add.
For this trip, we are going to have to stick together but we won't be in situations where we will be tempted or anything because we will be around strangers. We will only have each other to cling to until we get used to everything.

It's going to be awesome. Scary at the moment, but I know God will speak to us.
I can't wait to hear what He will tell Davy and I.

Please pray that we will be safe and my fears will be all-for-not. Also, that God uses us to be a vessel for Him :)

I'll keep you all posted on this adventure!

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