Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some quick encouragement

Hey guys,
I've been working a lot so it's hard to get blog posts out but I just want to send a little encouragement to you today. I'm just going to let God course through my fingers and tell you guys how he feels.

My lovely child, you have been struggling. You have not been letting Me take the helm in your life. Why? You know I love you. You know I'm the One who loves you more than any other - and at such a deep level that you don't even know yet. Why won't you let Me love you? I will protect you from what the world shoves at you. You need only ask. Will you let Me protect you? You know, My beautiful one, that I know what's best for you. Yet, you still think you know better than I what's good and bad for you.

My bride, you are letting filth into your head. You know how that filth stains you and leaves a scar. You know how it is practically unshakable, unforgettable. Don't you know that I can cleanse you of that? You can be stainless and blameless with Me. You need only ask.

But you have to believe in Me, My love. You've got to. I've heard your secret prayers.
"God, if your real, do this."
"God, if your out there, I need that."

You test me. You don't have faith that I will deliver. But I tell you, My dear, that if you ask with faith in Me and if it is something that is sound and good, you will have it. You can have everything you need.
Let Me lead.
Let Me take the helm, and you will see so much good. You will be a light for many. Some will hate you for believing in Me, but I tell you, you will be rewarded in full for that persecution. I love you.

You need Me.

If you haven't gotten alone with God, do it. Go for a walk. Sit in your room. Do whatever makes you feel solitude, and imagine just talking with God. It will help you. Give up time on Facebook, twitter, and instagram (which do not help your problems) and seek Him.
Be still. Let the chains go. Be free. Seek Him.

Lauren. (and God)


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