Thursday, May 24, 2012

Change of plans!

Scrapping the Goals. Your probably like, "What?" That was what I was saying, too. This whole time that I haven't been posting things, I've been thinking of what sort of goals I want to have for myself. I've been trying to think of everyday, normal goals for people who aren't into God to relate to.  I wanted this blog to document my path in following Him and my ups and downs along the way, but I wanted to tack on other random things to get the rest of the world on board. I'll probably do that sometimes,

but I can't think about anything but God right now.

Part of me is annoyed and thinks, "Pump out some material that isn't preaching so that other people can relate to this blog, too." Then another part (a HUGE part) of me is like, "I just love God. All I want to do is tell people. It's all I want people to know."

So, that whole goal thing... nah. Not feeling it at this present time. Believe me, I want to learn piano and a new language, but there is too much going on this summer. Some of you may have seen my Facebook status that Davy and I are going on a trip to L.A in June, and we are :)

I'm so stoked. There is a christian organization called "Youth With A Mission (YWAM)" and they have schools all over the world. They have a decipleship training school that consists of 3 months of lecture and 3 months of outreach. I really wanted to do this program, but Davy has a full ride of college waiting for him this fall (which is a humongous blessing that will make married life easier for us) so we can't just leave for six months. However, YWAM came up with a new program this summer called "Circuit Riders," which is only 2 weeks of intense lecture. Basically, the lecture will consist of learning how to have a more intimate relationship with God and how to be a confident christian when preaching and living out His will.
So Davy and I applied.
We were accepted. We purchased the plane tickets. We are going to L.A. We are going to learn about God in a completely different way than we ever have. We are so excited... I can't even explain it.

I'll learn the piano later. There are way better stuff to document right now. I'm going to leave you with 2 things.

Number 1: This is Jessica Hover. She lives in L.A and works for YWAM. She is A-MAZING. Everything that she says is lovely. I cannot wait to see her again. Read everything on her blog! Also, she is gorgeous.

Number 2:

This is a video from Tenth Avenue North's singer, Mike Donehey. Who is also a-mazing. It's only 4 minutes long and he's funny, too! I love that he points out that all we are is "the deciple Jesus loves." I don't have to define myself in my accomplishments or those goals that I set for myself. I am the deciple Jesus loves and that is that. It's awesome.

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