Friday, May 25, 2012


So I mentioned Davy in my last post and some of you may not know Davy. So I thought I'd do a post about him.
This is Davy.

Hey Davy. You're lookin' cute behind that tree.

Davy is my boyfriend. We've been dating since September 2009. It's been a while.
We started dating when he was a sophmore and I was a senior. I know, for a girl to date a younger guy at that age, it's a big deal. Everybody is all like, "Isn't he really immature?" Yes, Davy, people ask me that. But I tell them what they don't expect.
Davy is a very mature guy.

It's true. Vey mature. Anyways, he's really smart. Like I said in my last post, he got a full ride to his college and was offered up the same deal at several other colleges. He's also made some moo-la off of scholarships. He's smart.

There are so many great things about Davy. He's a really relaxed guy. Like me, he loves to sit around watching movies and cuddling up a storm. In his free time, he likes to watch the Food Network and HGTV. His life goals are awesome. Getting a house with a lot of land, owning a million dogs, living temporarily in new places just for the experience, traveling. Many other little things.

Another thing about Davy: Music. Music music music. He loves it. He plays piano, drums, bass, a little guitar, and his main passion, trumpet. Oh man he is a fantastic trumpet player. That boy can play. Jazz is his way of expressing himself. Some people paint, some snap pictures, some write. Davy? He plays Jazz.

Davy is also a lover of God. He sneaks his Bible in class at high school, which is sort of crazy because I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. He knows how to make people feel really comfortable when he talks about God which is a really hard thing to do with such an uncomfortable subject for a lot of people.

Oh, and he's hilarious. He says and does the most funniest stuff. Here is a video of Davy parkouring from last summer:

Love ya, Davy!

Basically Davy is the greatest boyfriend ever. He looks really goofy in these videos, but Davy has a strong head on his shoulders. He's logical and has so much common sense.

Additionally, Davy is so incredibly sweet. Sometimes I can just loose it on him and he NEVER fires back. He has incredible patience with me. Davy is so good with my family as well. He loves to just sit around and talk with my mom and my dad and then crack jokes with the rest of my siblings. Family is big with him. His family is the best. He has two amazing, beautiful, God-loving sisters that are just on top of the world right now and they are just so lovely. His mom is so talented and makes the best food I've ever had. She makes me feel so comfortable and I absolutely love her. His dad is also crazy talented and jazzy, as well as goofy. They are just great.

So that's my boyfriend Davy. Jealous? :)

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