Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goals! Part 1

So basically, this summer is going to be insanely awesome. God has so many things in store. I can feel it. Plus, I have many things in store for myself. So, I’m going get real with you guys and tell you those things I have in store for myself. My summer goals, people J
 I have quite a list, so I’m going to explain in a series of posts because, honestly, I keep adding to the list. We’ll see how unsuccessful I am!

Here’s the thing about this goal: I have a really nice keyboard. Do you think I use it? Nope.

My senior year of high school, I had an obsession with any song with a great piano part in it. For those of you who don’t know me too well, I was a tenor saxophone player in my high school band. It was an awesome sax because it was covered in black lacquer. Yeah, I  was that cool.
Anyways, the point is: I knew how to read music, but I was really tired of the saxophone. I wanted to learn a new instrument that, quite frankly, sounded better than a sax. If you aren’t a fantastic saxophone player, some pretty obnoxious noises find their way out of that horn. And to add to my decision of a new instrument, I have a liking (or loving… maybe obsession) toward strings. Orchestrated soundtracks are my favorite thing to listen to. There are so many styles that come with a soundtrack. Maybe a romantic feel with pleasant, cheeky notes. Or a powerful, exciting beat - perfect music for cleaning and cooking. Because, you know, you need power for that kind of stuff.

Some soundtracks have cool cultural influences, like Indian music with a sitar or French music with an accordion. I love it all. My imagination runs wild with every note.

ANYWAYS. Strings. They obviously call to me, so I decided a piano will have to be my graduation gift.

So I got one. Two years of having it, and guess what I know…

Two scales. Ugh. Sad. Pathetic.

I still adore the music that comes from a piano. And I will be learning to make that music. Starting this summer. 12 Scales, people!

Which language, I have not figured out yet, but I’m doin’ it.
I know a very tiny amount of German, but I’ve got my older brother that knows German, so I need something different. I’d like to stick with a European language, though. Currently I am leaning toward French. I really want to travel to France so perhaps that language would be most practical for me.

But Russian sounds like, ridiculously awesome, doesn’t it?

Gah. Pre-Goal to Goal No. 2- Pick a freaking language.

I’ll leave you with a youtube video of the song that started my pathetic Piano Movement!

Yes, it is only 48 seconds. I know, when I heard it the first time, I cried and wanted to hear more too.

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